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How Personal Injury Cases Work

Like all law, the way personal injury cases work is complex, nuanced, and challenging. If you have looked at our Client Bill of Rights and Guiding Principles, you know that keeping you informed about the legal process and your case is a top priority.

This about how personal injury cases work is from our Client’s Guide to Your Personal Injury Case ©2016 document which we present to all of our clients as soon as we start work on your case.

NOTE: The following information is general information that applies to many, but not all cases, under Indiana law. Other laws may apply to specific cases, and most laws have exceptions. This information is not a substitute for proper legal advice specific to your situation. If you need information specific to your case, consult a competent attorney, or request a free consultation.

Because this is excerpted from our Client Guide it refers to “you” – meaning our client who is given the Client Guide. Of course, the information applies only to clients of Cloutier Law Offices, P.C.