We were treated like family from day one. Thank you all for making this experience bearable. Everything we were told would happen did happen just as you said. We will recommend you to all our family and friends if they ever need help with a personal [injury] or death case.

– W.K.

I know you always had my back and explained everything. I like that you always [said] it is my decision on settlement of the case but gave me your best advice on what to do. It worked!

– D.B.

I hope I am never involved in another accident with a truck, but I was lucky to survive and then lucky to find you. Every single step was handled professionally. Like you said we’d be we were a team all the way and the winning team.

– A.F.

Dave is a very knowledgeable, and capable Lawyer. He spent a great deal of time discussing our case with us, outlining the pros & cons of various aspects of each approach.

– C.M.

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It’s hard to add to the sterling reviews Mr. Cloutier has received. Patient, helpful, and kind are the qualities that I appreciate.

– S.H.

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A consummate professional with patience and genuine guidance. ​

– V.M.

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Attorney Dave is so knowledgeable, sincere, and dedicated. He truly cares and takes the time needed to help his clients. His experience in his field is astounding and he has the tools to get the job done. I am pleased with the way he handled my situation and would recommend him to my close friends and family.

– R.L.

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Losing my [spouse] in an accident was the worst thing that ever happened to me and my family. We were very surprised by how quickly you got the best possible result, but we appreciate even more you and your excellent staff for being so kind to us and walking us through everything that happened in the case.

– Anon

Everyone there cared about us and helped us all the way and we won the hard part in court. We are very happy we chose Cloutier Law and will recommend anyone who needs help to you.

– B.C.

Our family hired a different law firm at first based on a TV ad. Nothing got accomplished for almost 2 years. As soon as we changed to Cloutier Law Offices everything changed and the case was handled perfectly and was over within 5 months!

– D.L.

Highly recommend attorney David Cloutier. My husband … spoke with him to get a second opinion on a case. Mr. Cloutier took the time to give his expert opinion and legal advice …

– S.C.

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A very well-experienced authority on personal injury representation. The staff is well trained, and the attorney is very easy to work with because he explains everything very well so you will have options and a strong peace of mind about your case and expected outcomes.

– P.S.

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Best brain injury attorney in the region!

– G.W.

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